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Stainless steel seems to be a hot topic in the press. The media has been highlighting how stainless steel is a wise decision when choosing to "go green" at the office and/or home. So what are the different uses for stainless steel tubes? How can you incorporate stainless steel into your next construction project? Here we take an inside look at different types of stainless steel tubes and their uses.


Heat Exchanger Tubes 

Heat exchanger tubes are used in a wide array of industries including chemical, nuclear and natural gas processing. They are designed for heat transfer processes and mostly applied in heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation of liquids, gases and steam. Heat exchanger tubes are always a cold finished product and they are known to be extremely resistant to aggressive mediums such as acid.


Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes 

The Oil and Gas Industry understands the numerous benefits to using duplex stainless steel pipes. For instance, it has superb resistance to an extensive variety of corrosive mediums found in both offshore and onshore locations. The other benefit is its elevated strength holds up under high pressures confronted at great depths. Think undersea extractions.


U-Bend Tubes 

U-bend tubes are used in heat exchanger systems. Translation, the tubes are used as boiler tubes, condensers, exhaustion pipes and other hot oil systems. Note that the U shape is purposely present. It transfers the heat from a hot to a cold side through the tube. This is made possible through the width of the tubes on each end. A poor choice of tube material can result in leakage, contamination and other hazardous and costly problems.


High Pressure Tubes 

High pressure tubes are a seamless stainless tube used for chemical and hydraulic high-pressure containers. They have many different requirements to ensure it holds up under demanding, high-pressure scenarios. For instance, you need to be certain it doesn't crack under high pressure. Test it for corrosion and heat resistance. Have the size inspected to make sure it works for the purpose and space it is designed for.


These tubes are utilized in many diverse ways including acting as producers or reacting vessels. Additionally, they may function as heat transfer vessels such as heaters, coolers and heat exchangers. Be informed on the various ways to use high pressure tubes and use them accordingly.


Stainless steel is definitely the way to go when choosing material for your commercial and home needs. It is an effective material that holds up under a wide array of extreme temperatures and conditions. And if you are using it in your building structure then it is an investment. You do not want to choose something that will break down, crack or need to be replaced over a short period of time. Think about the amount of work that would be affected, stopped and left while waiting to fix/repair the crucial parts. That will waste you productivity and money. Save yourself the headache and choose customized stainless steel tubes. It makes your structure solid providing you with peace of mind.


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