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What is this type of metal?
It is an alloy of low carbon steel and chromium: it is the chromium content which provides the metal with its anti-corrosion and 'stainless' qualities There are many different grades depending on the exact proportion of steel and chromium, which makes the alloy suitable for a range of uses and a variety of environments-Stainless Steel Foil.
Use of the type of metal
Due to the many benefits of, a list of its uses would be almost endless, ranging from surgical instruments to jewellery! It is also largely used in the building industry, where it is valued for both its practical and aesthetic qualities. A further use is in the manufacture of kitchen utensils and equipment-Stainless Steel Foil.
Benefits of the metal
Stainless! At the risk of stating the obvious, one of the main benefits of using stainless steel is that it does not stain easily, although it is not completely stainless. It also has a high resistance to corrosion and scaling. This means that is can be used in demanding environments and will retain its bright, attractive appearance long after other materials will have started to rust and fade-Stainless Steel Foil.
Due to its non-porous surface and ease of cleaning, stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available. This is why it is widely used in hospitals and commercial kitchens, which have high demands for cleanliness and disease control. Although specialist cleaning products are available, another benefit of stainless steel is that it can generally be restored simply by washing with warm water and a cloth, thus reducing maintenance costs.
How does it look
It has a timeless, classical appearance. Where other materials come and go as fashion dictates, stainless steel is always on trend, adding a touch of class without being overly ostentatious.
Value for money
Whist not the cheapest material on the market, stainless steel represents excellent value for money: its durability and longevity will justify the initial outlay several times over.
It has strength and durability that belies its sleek appearance, meaning that often a reduced thickness is required compared to some other materials. This clearly contributes towards cost-savings in both the short and long term. Another benefit is that it is also highly resistant to fire and heat, and will retain its strength at high temperatures. Conversely, stainless steel can also cope with freezing temperatures, which further enhances its value and application in a range of environments.
Finally, another major benefit of stainless steel is that it can generally be fabricated, welded and cut with ease, thus increasing its adaptability and range of application. This makes stainless steel the first choice of material in many diverse situations.

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